10 Unique Hostess Gift Ideas for Under $50 


A gift for the host or hostess is a great way to show gratitude for their hospitality and is always appreciated. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive; simply something that shows appreciation.  

Here are a few etiquette tips and 10 great hostess gift ideas. 

When to Bring A Hostess Gift 

Dinner Party 

If you are invited to a casual dinner party you should always offer to bring a dish. But, if the host insists you don’t need to bring anything or is a close friend, then bring a bottle of wine. 

You don’t need to do anything extravagant for a casual dinner party. It’s a fun night with friends, so keep it at that.  

However, if you are invited to a formal dinner party, you will want to bring an appropriate gift. The gift should be something the hostess can use when entertaining in the future. Ideas for a gift are: 

  • Guest soaps 
  • Wine glasses 
  • Candles 
  • Serving tray 
  • Cheese board 


If you are invited to a housewarming party or simply want to buy a gift for your best friend who just bought her first home, you will want to purchase something appropriate for the new home. Try purchasing something that is neutral in color and will go well with any décor. A few great ideas for a housewarming gift are:  

  • Picture frame 
  • Dish towel 
  • Coasters 
  • Trinket dish 

Guest of Honor 

If it’s someone’s birthday, anniversary, graduation, or shower, bring a gift for the guest of honor. 

If you are the guest of honor, make sure to bring a gift for your host or hostess, and send a thank-you note after the party. 

How Much Should A Hostess Gift Cost? 

There is no general rule of thumb that applies to how much a hostess gift should cost. The list we have created comes in at or below $50 and believe that amount is plenty. However, if you want to go above and beyond $50, then who are we to tell you that you can’t? 

9 Hostess Gift Ideas 

Surface Emerald Green Platter Server 


This jewel toned oval platter will make the perfect gift for a hostess who loves to entertain or a housewarming gift. 


Tiled Margot Monogram Coaster


This coaster will add the perfect finishing touch to the hostess coffee table. 


Dottie Honey Pot


The Dottie Honey Pot is a charming and practical hostess gift. 

Copper Salad Servers


 This beautiful set lets you serve salads and sides with elegance and ease. 

Voluspa Mini Tin Candles, Set of 3 


 The perfect gift for anyone on your list, this set of votives are housed in beautifully printed tins and feature scents she’ll love. 

Selenite Tea Light Holder


 The beauty and simplicity of these tealight holders will bring delight to any hostess. 

Olive Wood Rustic Edge Cheeseboard


These sustainably sourced cheese boards are perfect for entertaining a crowd.

Copper Moscow Mule Mug, Set of 2


These 1950’s inspired mugs are perfect for serving up a favorite cocktail. Here is some cocktail recipes to serve in these Moscow mugs. 

Textured Marble Frames


The hostess will enjoy displaying her favorite pictures and small works of art in these handcrafted marble frames. 

A hostess gift is a great way to show your appreciation for all the hard work she put in to entertain. A great gift does not have to be expensive and when given with the proper etiquette can ensure you’ll will get repeat invites for years to come.