Vitzellen Vodka


It started with a Union nurse, an Officer, and a Promise. Vitzellen Vodka is named in honor of a nurse serving during the civil war in the Old Capitol Prison of D.C. Taking special interest in an officer from Jeb Stuart’s Calvary, she made every effort to ensure he survived.

In return, the Officer promised Nurse Vitzellen he would name his first daughter after her. In 1868, Alice Vitzellen Conoley was born. The Vitzellen name continued in the family with the birth of Cornelia Vitzellen Moffit in 1926 and will be forever honored through Vitzellen Vodka.

ALC. 42.5% By VOL.

White Dog

White Dog is a premium raw distillate created on the shores of the Bogue Sound in Carteret County, NC. Our distillery takes pride in developing White Dog from grains only.  No refined sugar is added.

White Dog is made with a proprietary Bourbon formula which requires no aging. Smooth and delicious White Dog is available in many flavors including peach, caramel and salted caramel.

45% ABV
750 ML

John AP Conoley

This American-made whiskey is crafted using the single malt process famous in Scotland and Ireland.  Named for John A.P. Conoley, this fine whiskey’s journey began when John’s father-in-law transported a still from Scotland to America to produce whiskey and brandy to provide for his family.

The still was housed in John and Sara Conoley’s barn until it was stolen, later confiscated by a local sheriff and ultimately donated to a museum in Raleigh.  John A.P. Conoley American Single Malt Whiskey is rich in history and smooth in taste.

Single Barrel Select
45% ALC By VOL