Bogue Spirits

John AP Conoley Bourbon Whiskey

This American-Made Whiskey is is rich in history and taste.  Enjoy it’s warm, oakey and vanilla tones as a sipping drink, or in an Old Fashioned or your favorite whiskey drink.

52.5% ALC by VOL – 105 PROOF
Aged less than 2 years – Made in America

John AP Conoley Salted Caramel Spirit

Salted Caramel Spirit is one of our most popular products. Savor the smooth taste of this perfectly flavored whiskey straight, or add it to your favorite cup of coffee or drink.

37.5% ALC by VOL – 75 PROOF
Made in America

John APC Carolina Peanut Butter Flavored Whiskey

John A.P.C. Carolina Peanut Butter Whiskey is smooth, perfectly balanced, and unaged. It pairs perfectly with our in-house crafted Jelli-Drops, which are free with every 750ml bottle.

35% ALC by VOL – 70 PROOF
Made in America

John AP Conoley Limited Reserve Straight Rye Whisey

Enjoy the flavor notes of rye in this American-Made Whiskey.

Barrel Strength
57.5% ALC By VOL
Made in America

JAPC-Wheated-Bourbon bottle

Limited Signature Series JAPC Wheated Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Enjoy the many sublte flavors in our Limited Signature Series Wheated Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

50.5% ALC by VOL
Made in America

Vitzellen Vodka

Vitzellen Vodka has won multiple gold and bronze medals nationwide. It’s subtle, delicious flavors make it an excellent choice for sipping or to level-up your favorite cocktails.

ALC. 42.5% By VOL.  –  85 PROOF

Bombshell Gin

Bombshell Gin’s crisp cucumber taste is ideal for sipping and cocktails. It’s named to honor the story of 1st Lt Harold J Chapman, the pilot of the Carolina Queen and father of our founder, Richard Chapman.

46% ALC By VOL – 92 PROOF
Crisp Cucumber Flavor – Made in America

 Meet the Prince of Privateers

John Newland Maffitt, nicknamed “Prince of Privateers,” was the second highest ranking officer in the Confederate Navy. It’s said the Gone with the Wind character Rhett Butler was inspired by and modeled after him.

John Newland Maffitt 'Barrel Rested' White Rum

This rum is distilled from molasses and has the smooth oak and leather notes that come only from being rested in a bourbon barrel.

40% ALC by VOL – 80 PROOF
Made in America

John Newland Maffit Spiced Rum bottle

John Newland Maffitt Spiced Rum

The first addition to our line of spiced rums, John Newland Maffitt Spiced Rum carries classic spice notes with a southern maple and pecan finish.

40% ALC by VOL – 80 PROOF
Made in America

John Newland Maffitt Coconut Cream Liqueur

This silky cream liqueur is made with our Barrel Rested Rum, cream Liqueur, and toasted coconut flavor.

15% ALC by VOL – 30 PROOF
Made in America