Our Story

Richard & Margaret Chapman

Mascot: Vitzellen “Vit”

About Us

Founder, Richard Chapman, after successful careers in textiles, real estate, and construction, chose to pursue the dream of creating a high-quality distillery in Bogue, North Carolina.   Hailing from a long line of distillers, Chapman is determined to create both a superior product and a tour-friendly distillery.

Bogue Sound Distillery offers premium quality, gluten-free vodka, white whiskey, single malt whiskey, and Gin.   The large distillery houses a museum showing how stills and spirits were made in the late 1700s and early 1800s.   A restored 1923 Ford Model-T pickup, complete with whiskey barrels is on display, along with a 1900s grist mill and some local family history.  Guests can tour the distillery museum and watch Bogue Sound’s 500-gallon still and 27-gallon test still actively engaged in liquor production processes.

Visitors can enjoy as taste of locally sourced and crafted liquors and learn our distilling history as well as learn about the origins and namesakes of our signature labels:  Vitzellen, John A. P. Conoley, Bombshell, and John Newland Maffitt. We always have new labels and flavors in the mix. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook to stay updated.

Take a tour, take a taste, take some home with you.  You’ll enjoy the experience and the fine quality spirits produced at Bogue Sound Distillery.


Our Process

The whole process, from grinding the grain to bottling and labeling takes place right here at Bogue Sound Distillery. Our quality spirits are made from only the best grains available. We practice safe-distilling using methods like low-pressure steam cooking.  And we work to be environmentally friendly through process improvements like utilizing rainwater to cool all of our equipment.