Contract Distilling & Bottling

We’re an award-winning craft distillery known for our quality ingredients, sustainable operations, and incredible spirits. Our passion for distilling is shown in more than our own, signature products. We help brand owners produce their own unique spirits from beginning to end with: formulation, sourcing, distilling, bottling, aging, & distribution.

Our Services Include:

♦ New Bourbon Barrel Production

Bulk Spirits Production

Barrel Storage

Custom Recipe Development

Contract Blending

Bottling (round bottles) for:
Pints, 5ths, Quarts, 1/2 Gallons, & Airplane Bottles

Distribution Order Fulfillment


Minimum lot sizes vary by product, but are typically 500 cases.

Get in touch with Richard Chapman at 252-241-1606, or Shannon Childress at 336-453-8482, to learn more about producing your own alcohol brands with us.

Produce Your Own:

  • Vodka

  • Whiskey

  • Bourbon

  • Specialty Rum

  • Specialty Agave Spirit


Contact Our Distilling Team