4 Ways to Gift Wrap Liquor

Who doesn’t love to receive a nice bottle of their favorite liquor as a gift? While it’s fun to gift liquor, the bottles can be difficult to wrap. Below are a few fun ways to wrap your next bottle gift.

Bottle Gift Wrap

This is similar to the tea towel wrap but uses wrapping paper and twine instead of a towel.

Cocktail Gift Mason Jars

The cocktail mason jar gift is a budget friendly option that works for a single gift or for multiple gifts. They are easy to assemble and can be personalized however you see fit.
What You’ll Need:
• Mason Jar
• Mini Bottle of Liquor
• Mixer (e.g. soda)
• Straw
• Ribbon

Cocktail Gift Basket

two christmas gift baskets A cocktail gift basket is the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates a great drink. The basket can be personalized to the receiver, is simple to put together, and can have a fun theme if you like. The possibilities are endless.
To start, you will need to choose two or three cocktails that use the same liquor. Then, assemble all the required liquors and mixers for the chosen cocktails. Here is an idea to get you started.

The John A.P. French Toast Gift Basket

What to Include:
• Bottle of John A.P. Salted Caramel Spirits
• Honey
• Vanilla
• Cinnamon
• Pecans
• Sour Dough Bread
• Powdered Sugar
• Maple Syrup
Recipe Card for John AP Salted Caramel Pecan French Toast

For more recipe ideas, make sure to download our free Cocktails by the Season guide.

Tea Towel Bottle Wrap

This technique is simple but fun. The tea towel adds a little extra excitement to the gift and it’s practical.

Let these tea towels from Anthropologie serve you some inspiration.

What You’ll Need:
• A Patterned Tea Towel
• Liquor Bottle

While it’s important to appropriately package your gift, it’s even more important to choose a premium liquor.

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