ImageGlass TypeDescription
tulipglassTulip (a.k.a. the copita-style glass, the dock glass) Based on the copita, a traditional Spanish glass used to sample sherry. It gained the name “dock glass” because it was commonly used by merchants to nose spirits at docksides. This glass is best for appreciating nuances of a single malt whiskey.
glencairnGlencairnA Glencairn is similar to a tulip glass but has more of a robust vessel which makes it great for someone learning to swirl and appreciate whiskey’s full aroma. This glass is solely dedicated to whiskey. 
tumblerTumbler (a.k.a. rocks glass, old fashioned glass, lowball)The tumbler is the most common of all whiskey glasses. This glass is best used for classic cocktails like the old fashioned. Its wide base is ideal for muddling. 
snifterSnifter (a.k.a. the balloon, brandy bowl, cognac glass)This glass has a short stem which allows for one to cradle the glass, while keeping the drink warm in their hand. The large bowl provides a space for swirling the beverage while the shorter mouth traps the aromas for a prominent smell as you sip. 
NeatNEATThe NEAT [Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology] whiskey glass is the fortunate mistake made by a glass blowing factory. Due to its unique shape, it has proven to perfectly direct harsh alcohol vapors away from the nose while enjoying a whiskey neat. 
highballHighballThe “big brother” to the lowball tumbler, this glass is best used for cocktails. Being a taller glass, it easily holds ice, spirits, and mixers, making it best for a long relaxing drink. 
 norlanwhiskeyNorlan Whiskey GlassThis glass is award-winning and specifically designed to unlock the complex flavors and aromas of whiskey. Learn more here:

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