A New Distillery With Old Tradition

On any clear morning in Coastal Carolina, the sun rises over the Bogue Sound, creating a glistening landscape that poets and adventurers alike have been admiring for years. About a mile away from the water, you’ll find Bogue Sound Distillery nestled against the backdrop of live oaks and sweet gum trees, creating and celebrating history every single day.

Bogue Sound Distillery was founded by Richard Chapman, a Carolina native whose roots run deep in southern tradition.  After a successful career in textiles, construction, and real estate, Richard ventured into a new project connected to an old passion and his family’s history in distilling liquors.

Bogue Sound Distillery’s featured spirits are Vitzellen Vodka, White Dog, and John AP Conoley American Single Malt Whiskey – and there will be more to come.  Each label represents history and heritage that can be traced back from the days of the founding fathers through the Civil War to prohibition era distilling.  Bogue Sound Distillery is serving up the finest in liquors, but also will immerse patrons in the rich history of Eastern North Carolina.

When visiting Bogue Sound Distillery, you will see a beautifully restored 1923 Ford Model-T on display – a tipping of the hat to the rum runners and moonshiners that laid the groundwork for the rich tradition of distilling in the Carolinas. You’ll also find a working Williams Grist Mill from the early 1900’s.  Select items from family history round out the display and contribute to the experience.

Bogue Sound Distillery is the culmination of years of work, and the care and attention to the process is evident.  From grinding the grain to the careful inspection of every spirit, there’s pride in every single ounce.  Bogue Sound takes every step to be socially and environmentally conscious. Recycled rain water is used to cool the equipment and the highest quality of grain is used for all liquor.

Bogue Sound Distillery will offer tours and tastings, starting in late April.  The hope is to add a fun destination for folks in the area, to share the love for the craft, and bring good friends excellent spirits to enjoy.

Bogue Sound Distillery may be an effigy to an old tradition, but for Richard Chapman, this is a new chapter and a passion fulfilled.  Bogue Sound Distillery celebrates old traditions that have stood the test of time and plans to create new ones with friends and family alike.  We open our doors and share our world with you at Bogue Sound Distillery; join us for a taste – and a toast to the best of our history and today’s fine spirits.

Bogue Sound Distillery’s GRAND OPENING event will be held April 28th, 2018. Join us from 11am to 6pm for food, live music, and tastes of the good stuff.



FOOD:  12 noon until…

MUSIC by Ed Prophet:  2PM-5PM

See you there…