Choosing the Right Glass for Your Liquor

Whether you’re drinking Vitzellen Vodka, Bogue Sound White Dog, or the highly anticipated John AP Conoley American Single Malt Whiskey, you’ll want the right glass to enhance the flavor experience each liquor has to offer.

Vivacious Vitzellen Vodka

Depending on your preference vodka can be served straight-up or used in a recipe for many popular cocktails. There are several glasses that will help enhance flavors, depending on which beverage you create.

The Tumbler

For those of you who plan on drinking your vodka straight up. You will want to use a tumbler glass. A tumbler glass comes in multiple sizes and shapes. For drinking vodka straight, using a smaller tumbler is customary.

The Martini Glass

If you want to make a vodka Martini, Manhattan, or Cosmopolitan, the martini glass is the correct choice for any one of these cocktails.  The long stem allows for the drink to stay chilled while holding the glass. The martini glass is different from the traditional cocktail glass, because it has a larger bowl, allowing the flavors to breathe.

Watch the White Dog

To fully experience the flavors of Bogue Sound’s White Dog, it’s helpful to have to correct glass. There are a few glasses that can be used depending whether you’re having a cocktail or drinking White Dog straight.

The Roller Rock Glass

The Roller rock glass allows your White Dog to stay chilled without overly diluting your drink. Each glass has a silicone mold to create a solid ball of ice. The elevated glass dimple in the base allows for the ice ball to swirl freely, keeping the spirits chilled, while adding a bit of sophistication to your drink.

The Champagne Coupe

This glass has been a popular piece for centuries. It has been used for making any type of cocktail but is known for the sidecar cocktail and Manhattan. Its long stemware allows the beverage to stay chilled while providing a more elegant feel.

To truly enjoy the taste of whiskey there are two types of glasses that you can drink from that will create specific flavors.

The Glencairn Whiskey Glass

The purpose of using the Glencairn glass, was to maximize the flavors of the whiskey. The concept originated from the traditional nosing glasses used by master blenders, borrowing the wide bowl to show off the color and help expose the aromas, this design of the Glencairn added a tapered mouth to allow for easier drinking.

The Snifter Glass

Another glass used for whiskey and brandy is the snifter glass. It has a short steam which allows for one to cradle the glass, while keeping the drink, warm. The large bowl provides a space for swirling the beverage while the shorter mouth traps the aromas for a prominent smell as you sip.

To enhance the flavors and experience of your liquor, begin by pouring it into the correct glass. Visit Bogue Sound Distillery to experience the flavors and history of each of our signature liquors.