Drinks for Dad: 3 Generations

Families have always appreciated fathers. We’ve honored dads as far back as 1910. But, it was not made an official American holiday until 1972. On the third Sunday of June each year, we take time to celebrate fathers. It’s a day to honor all they add to our lives and appreciate the sacrifices they make for families. 

3 Drinks for Dad 

For a cookout or afternoon on the porch, try the Summer Sky Iced Tea cocktail. 

Summer Sky Iced Tea 


1 oz Iced tea, Unsweetened
2 wedges of lemon
4 mint leaves
1 tsp simple syrup
1 oz John AP Conoley Whiskey
1 sprig of mint 


In a shaker, muddle mint leaves and lemon wedges. Add simple syrup, iced tea, whiskey and fill with ice. Stir and strain into a Collins glass over ice cubes. Top with a sprig of mint. 

Another easy cocktail option for a dinner party or early brunch is the Grey Hound Pitcher. 

Grey Hound Pitcher 

Recipe Two: 

9 oz. Vitzellen Vodka 

18 oz. fresh grapefruit juice 


Combine in a pitcher over ice. Stir. Serves 6. 

An old-time favorite recipe that will bring a smile to Grandpa’s face is the Tom Collins recipe. 

Tom Collins 


5 oz Gin 

1 oz of lemon juice 

.5 oz simple syrup 

Club soda 

Lemon slice to garnish 


In a Collins glass filled with ice, add gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup. Top with club soda and stir. Garnish with lemon slice. 

Three Activities for Dads of Different Ages: 

Here’s a kid-friendly craft idea to celebrate new dads. 

New Father’s T-shirt Activity 

Try this activity to celebrate Father’s Day if your family has young children: 


• Plain tee Shirts 

• Puffy Paint 

• Paper Sacks 

• Paper Plates 

Place a sack inside each shirt (to prevent bleeding). Give each child a tee-shirt. 

Use paper plates for an easy disposable, DIY paint palette. Write a variety of messages for children to write to their Fathers. 

For example, #1 Dad or Father’s Day 2019. 

If your children are very young, you may want to do a simple hands and feet on the tee shirt. 

Dads with Some Experience 

If the Dad at your house is used to middle school and high school kids, make today about time together and Dad’s favorite activity. Go fishing. Sign up for a race together. Play golf. Creating a physical fitness course or work on a car. Give Dad some time with the family and support him in what he loves. 


If your crowd is a little older and your celebrating Grandpa with adult siblings, plan for grown-up fun. Create a theme-based event to honor his memories of fatherhood. Show family movies and serve grown-up beverages. Get him tickets to a show or exhibit he’d like. Or reserve tickets to tour the Bogue Sound Distillery together soon. 

Be sure to stop by Bogue Distillery or your local ABC store to purchase Bogue’s John AP Conoley Whiskey, Vitzellen Vodka, Bombshell Gin, and/or Salted Caramel Spirit to make your summer cocktails.