Must-Have Mixology Tools

In order to create a perfect cocktail, you’ll want to have the right tools available in your bar. Cocktail making is a craft.  It is a skill that you can perfect over time, but having the right tools makes it easier to be a successful mixologist! Here are several tools you’ll want to have handy when you start serving up drinks at your next get together.


The Jigger.

Cocktail making is part art, part science.  In order to be a great mixologist, you’ll need some precision. The jigger is a helpful tool to measure liquors and other drink components. There are many jiggers to choose from, but most bartenders tend to use a cone shaped one. You can purchase tall and small jiggers for occasions where your mixing different quantities of drinks.  


The Shaker.

Like jiggers, shakers come in many styles. The most sought-after shakers are the traditional Cobbler cocktail shaker and the Boston shaker. A traditional shaker will have a fitted top and a metal or glass jug. The Cobbler shaker tends to be used by home-mixologists, while the Boston Shaker is more versatile and used more frequently by professionals.  


The Boston shaker has two sides, a pint glass and a metal jug to cover the top in order to create a seal. Professionals tend to gravitate toward the Boston shaker because of its ability to cool drinks faster while shaking ingredients.


The Strainer.

Some recipes require a strainer to separate ice or other elements from the final, poured drink.  The most common choice is the Hawthorne strainer which is placed over the glass to strain your cocktail. This strainer contains a screen that prevents herbs and fruits from falling into your drink.


The Bar Spoon.

The bar spoon is not your average kitchen spoon or tea spoon. This metal spoon has a unique appearance with a long spiral handle for stirring drinks in taller glasses. Its unique design is a tradition at the bar and accommodates any type of glass. 


The Muddler.

There are certain cocktails that require you to use a technique known as muddling. Muddling is a process where herbs and fragrant cocktail ingredients are pressed with a rotating motion to release their flavors.  As a mixologist, you will use a muddler to wake up flavors and aromas in your drinks.


The Channel Knife.

In order to create a spiral fruit peel garnish, you will need a channel knife. This small spoon-shaped knife allows you to peel fruits and create the delicate garnishes that make cocktails look professionally prepared and appetizing.  


The Glassware.
Many types of drinks are traditionally served in specific glasses. Using the correct glass will not only be make your drink attractive, it will also allow the spirits to breathe properly. Invest in a well-crafted set or two of drink glasses for the cocktails you prepare most often.  You can always add to your collection over time.


These tools will help you in your journey in becoming a mixologist. Don’t forget to visit your local ABC store or Bogue Sound Distillery to get our fine-tasting, locally crafted liquors for your drinks.