It’s 2021. We made it. Not only did we make it, but we are thriving over here at Bogue Sound Distillery! If you have visited the distillery recently, then you have an idea of some of the changes we have made. Changes for the better. In addition to this article, sign-up for our newsletter, that goes out twice a month, and follow ups Facebook and Instagram. We are diligently working to keep everyone up to date. Below are a few changes and exciting things to come: 

New Hours:

We are now open 
Tuesday: 11:00AM – 6:00PM
Wednesday – Thursday: 11:00AM -10:00PM
Thursday & Friday: 11:00AM – 11:00PM

Full-Service Bar:

You can now stop by the distillery for a tour, for a taste AND for a drink! We are serving up signature cocktails specially crafted with Bogue Sound Distillery spirits. Enjoy a new specialty drink each month. You can stay up to date on specialty drinks and even gain access to our recipes by following @boguesounddistillery on social and by visiting our blog. Here is our December drink of the month, the Bomberry Sparkle

Bomberry Sparkle – December Cocktail of the Month


In addition to our bar, we now have live music and food trucks Wednesday through Saturday night. We also have music bingo on Wednesday nights and karaoke on Thursday nights. We’ve also been known to book an Axe throwing date or two. Stay up to date on events happening at the distillery by checking out our Events Calendar


If you know Richard, you know he is always up to something. There are a couple projects on the table. One being a duck blind that would rival duck dynasty. The other is possibly* a new clear spirit. Can you guess?