October is NC Spirits Month

Thanks to Governor Roy Cooper, October has been designated as North Carolina Spirits month.  We, of course, think you should celebrate.  We’ll join you.

Bogue Sound Distillery is proud to have released Vitzellen Vodka and in limited release, the inaugural rounds of John AP Conoley American Single Malt.  You can taste the family pride and local quality in each glass.

Richard Chapman along with his wife Margaret are the proud founders of Bogue Sound Distillery.  Richard takes great pride in his southern, distilling heritage.  Chapman’s family migrated here from Scotland and brought with them a still and their expertise in distilling whiskey.

That legacy has been passed down through the generations and today, Bogue Sound Distillery is preserving the history and heritage of a cultural tradition.  That’s why they manufacture and bottle all spirits here in North Carolina, from the finest grains available.

Bogue Sound Distillery is proud of its tradition and the quality spirits they produce.  Find your bottle at your local, eastern North Carolina ABC store, and pour a glass to celebrate North Carolina Spirits Month.   #drinkresponsibly