What is White Dog?

Bogue Sound Distillery takes pride in formulating White Dog, a proprietary whiskey that is made from grains only. Unlike some other spirits, White Dog requires no aging. It is a premium raw distillate that contains no refined added sugars. It is produced on the shores of Carteret County, in North Carolina.

Historically, White Dog’s name is connected to the process of being made in the USA without the requirement of storage, prior to bottling. The process itself is called “white dog” distilling, but the product has a few names. It’s sometimes known as white lightning, light whiskey or white whiskey. It’s the basis of all American-made whiskeys.  Water is usually added to dilute the alcohol content to proper levels for bottling, but does not spend time absorbing flavor from time in barrels.

Bogue Sound Distillery’s White Dog is raw, distilled whiskey that’s available in original,  peach and salted caramel.