Whipping up White Dog Mixers

Begin the month of June by whipping up the perfect white dog mixer for every barbeque. The light, sweet flavors of White Dog will make a complementary touch to any back-yard fun.

Bouge Sound Distillery knows mixers make for great events, and our White Dog is a great base for many mixed drinks.  Finding the perfect white dog mixer for your outdoor summer fun will be an adventure.  Before we begin, you may be wondering what White Dog is. White dog, also referred to as raw whiskey, is simply distilled from a bourbon mash without being aged*. Once aged, the liquor would be referred to as bourbon. Now let’s start the fun by looking at some notable White Dog mixed drinks.

  1. 1792 Kentucky White Dog Julep Cocktail:This refreshing, bluegrass tipple was created in honor of the state of Kentucky’s  220thanniversary by liquor.com’sadvisory board member, David Wondrich. Enjoy the refreshing 1792 Kentucky white dog julep cocktail on those humid, Eastern North Carolina summer days!

    2 tsp Sugar
    ½ oz Water
    6 mint leaves
    2 oz unaged corn or rye whiskey (AKA White Dog)Instructions:
    Add the sugar and water to a highball glass and stir until the sugar has completely dissolved.
    Add mint leaves and press lightly with a muddler
    Pack the glass with finely cracked iceand then add the white dog
    Stir, add more ice to make up for any shrinkage and garnish with (2) or (3) mint sprigs and Enjoy!
  2. For another delicious recipe on the sweet, summery side, the Presbyterianis a great option that can be enjoyed in the heat of the day and in the cool, summer evenings.

    Ingredients 2 ounces White Dog (can also be made with bourbon)

    2 ounces ginger ale

    2 ounces club soda

    2 dashes Angostura bitters

    Fill a highball glass with ice.
    Add whiskey, club soda, ginger ale, and bitters.
    Stir and serve.

  3. We’ve all heard of the traditional Whiskey Sour, but have you heard of the White Dog Sour? Discover this simple, light drink and share with friends at your next BBQ.

                2 oz Bogue Sound Distillery’s White Dog
    1 oz fresh-squeezed lemon juice
    1 oz simple syrup
    1 egg white
    Combine ingredients and egg white in a shaker and dry shakefor a couple of minutes
    Add ice and shake again for 10 seconds, then strain into chilled coupeor sour glass
    Dash Angostura bitters , artistically if desired
  4. For those who prefer less hassle, enjoy one of Bogue Sound Distillery’s flavored White Dog spirits chilled-neat or on the rocks. Bogue Sound Distillery’s White Dogs is perfectly distilled and will be available in flavors containing nodes of sweet caramel, sweet and sour blackberry, and luscious peach. No mixers needed!
    Whatever your occasion this summer, Bogue Sound Distillery’s White Dog is the perfect addition. Contact us or Visit us to discover more about our history and spirits.