Distillery Events

Visit our full bar during regular hours. We’re serving up beer, wine, and in-house crafted spirits and cocktails.

Each week we offer a variety of exciting events:

Wednesday Nights: Booze Farm Bingo & Food Trucks

Thursday Nights: Concert Karaoke & Food

Friday & Saturday Nights: LIVE Music and Food Trucks

Sunday Afternoons: LIVE Music, Full Bar & Bottle Sales.

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Our American-made liquor is proudly named after a few brave men and women.
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Learn more about our historic store, stories, and distillery display in Bogue, NC.


Learn about our process, ingredients, and environmentally friendly practices.


We’re a dog-friendly establishment. Come meet our own mascot, Vitz. Patron pups are welcome, too.

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Learn a little about the history
that drives our local flavors.

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View our cocktail menu and our featured cocktail of the month.

Contract Distilling


Your own custom spirits
distilled, aged, and distributed.

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Spirited Recipes and Reads

Major Conoley Coffee | JAPC Bourbon Whiskey

Major Conoley Coffee | JAPC Bourbon Whiskey

Warm up with a local favorite, the Major Conoley Coffee. It's mixed to perfection with our JAPC Bourbon Whiskey and dark roasted hot coffee. Watch to the end and meet our resident Rooster, Major Nugget Conoley! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZzVPNQc9Ac Major Conoley...

Santa’s Little Helper | Vitzellen Vodka

Santa’s Little Helper | Vitzellen Vodka

The holidays can be stressful. But not with "Santa's Little Helper". This holiday-inspired cocktail is perfect for nights of wrapping presents for under the tree, as the hit cocktail for your Holiday Party, or really any occasion! Santa's Little Helper | Vitzellen...

Yule Nog | JAPC Bourbon Whiskey

Yule Nog | JAPC Bourbon Whiskey

The perfect Egg Nog recipe with a Bogue Sound Distillery twist! Enjoy the Yule Nog all winter long! https://youtu.be/Ght5FJDRiW8 Yule Nog | JAPC Bourbon Whiskey - 1oz JAPC Bourbon Whiskey- 1-2 Tbsp Hot Cocoa Powder- 3oz Favorite Egg Nog (or homemade recipe)- 1oz Cream...

Instant Expert: Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon is an American whiskey distilled from a mash made primarily of corn. Despite its rising popularity, bourbon continues to be a mystery to many. So, we asked, “What does the beginner who wants to be a bourbon expert need to know?” This Instant Expert guide is your answer.

Cocktails By The Season

Add 24 delicious cocktails to your recipe book. Enjoy a cocktail perfectly paired with one of our signature spirits for every season of the year.

Drink Your Whiskey Like A Connoisseur

Whiskey, scotch, bourbon? What’s the difference? All bourbon is whiskey but not all whiskey is bourbon. Discover the their differences and more in our free guide and become a whiskey connoisseur.

Make Your Own Moonshine
Moonshine, bootleg, white lightning… whatever you call it, folks have been obsessed with making this liquor for centuries. From the mountains to the coast of North Carolina, distilling is a part of our legacy and passion. Here’s a simple guide for how to make your own.
Mixology Guide

This free download includes tools and tips to guide you on your mixologist journey. Whether you are looking to make drinks for yourself or impress friends and host your own cocktail party, this guide is a great reference.